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MS FINALLY adds RAW file support…

29 Jul 2011

For the photographers out there, a Codec pack is now available for native RAW support in Windows Explorer and MS Photo Gallery for Windows 7 & Vista – about friggin’ time…​oad/en/details.aspx?id=26829

As simple as tying your shoelaces…

05 Jul 2011

A TED Talk applicable for Ultimate players (and any other sport, I guess): a simple tweak on tying your shoe laces that keeps them knotted, no double knot’s necessary!  Do the rest of you already know this? What else am I missing <grin>.

Earthquake Information

03 Jul 2011

When the ground starts shaking, as it did in Taiwan here a few minutes ago, the USGS (US Geological Survey) provides info on any earthquakes that happen worldwide. If you read their info page, it says details are usually available 20 minutes after an incident. My experience is that it is usually about 45 minutes after the event before the info can found online for quakes in Taipei / Japan (based upon the 8 or so earthquakes I’ve experienced so far this year).

By Country:

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