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Klout & Narcissus…

12 Jun 2012
A friend recently signed up for Klout, and when he did so, I tagged him as an “Influencer” on the iPhone, and on Design, and I let him know I’d done so.
It prompted this reply from him: “Thanks Graham!  Yeah, I registered, but haven’t really played with it much.  Is it worth investigating?”
My view in a nutshell is “Yes, but for the right reasons” – here’s the reply I sent him:
Yes, definitely – but not for the sake of being registered on the site.
There are reports of some corp comm / social media job hires requiring a certain Klout score – and some circles are starting to look at Klout score as a gauge of “relevance”.
Think of Klout as SEO for “individual branding”.  They view your importance based on how much your tweets / FB posts drive action.  You can drive your “Klout” up by a significant amount by posting “Tell me your funniest joke – I’m in a challenge with a friend”. However, the result is a bit like “gaming” Google SEO  – your ranking improves, but you aren’t necessarily any more popular.
On Google, this can have a positive real-world impact – on Klout, it doesn’t, unless you are jockeying for a social media job!
If you are trying to attract legit followers, it is probably a good tool to capture “what type of blog / FB / twitter action drove response”, and use it to tailor future content – but I wouldn’t recommend trying to drive the score for its own sake.  Doing that is likely to end up with you suffering the same fate Narcissus suffered…spending too much time looking in a mirror, admiring your own greatness!
If you get too caught up in trying to drive the score, remember that Klout is one of the few venues in the world that considers Justin Bieber (who owns the benchmark Klout Score of a perfect 100) exponentially more powerful than the Prez of the U.S.A. (Klout Score 94).
My view on Klout is like my view on life in general – do the right things, for the right reasons, and the rewards will follow. Life, and Klout score, eventually catch up with reality!