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A framework for code optimization decisions

17 Jun 2011

AMD Fusion Developer Summit  I was a keynote speaker at the AMD Fusion 11 Developer Summit yesterday, and AMD had this blog post timed to hit at the same time:

A less-techy version was cross-posted on the Corel WordPress site, here:

AMD will also be posting an archive version of the webcast of the keynote, and of the presentation itself. I’ll add links here once they becomes available. The AMD folks I worked with at the summit were all great people, and their support helped make it a very low-stress situation. What a difference working with great people can make. (Thanks, Trish!)

Probably the most popular part of the presentation was a stop-motion animation created using PaintShop Pro with video effects added using Video Studio. Here are links to that video.

Corel Stop Motion Video: Treasure Hunters: or

If you are interested in doing your own stop-motion animation, there is an interview with the creator (John Huang) at or–WQ.

The same capabilities can also produce some amazing results with time-lapse photography, there is some very impressive footage at or

If you are willing to go a little lower definition, “The Rescue” ( won an award for stop motion video at “Bricks West”, a lego-based stop motion animation festival. That short was created years ago by a couple of Corel project leaders, Jason Allemann and Deane Van Luven. Some of their other shorts can be found at

Finally, to keep the presentation on time I cut out a reference to a book that I wanted to recommend. “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox.

This book really resonated with my own experiences regarding process optimization, and has helped make me far more lucid when trying to discuss optimization with others. It is written as a story (in the same style as “Fish!” or any of the Patrick Lencioni books)   so it is a very quick and easy read, despite its size looking a bit intimidating. Over the last 10 years I’ve bought, loaned out, and lost at least 5 copies of this book – but with no regrets.  I re-read it every couple of years, and now have my own “permanent” copy on my Kindle – but I’m pretty sure I’ll still end up buying the physical version again in the future just so that I can loan it out, again!

If you read it, let me know your thoughts on it!